A Book Before Its Time

The art of the Selfie isn’t exactly a new invention. Self-portraits have been traced back to Ancient Egypt and became a fixture of Renaissance art in the mid 15th century. But it was in the early 2000s that the Selfie entered an era of unprecedented innovation. It began with the infamous Myspace angles and blossomed into ‘Look at my Happy Life’ Facebook albums which were a crucial asset in maintaining market dominance against Google Plus. Now with Facebook’s $1 Billion dollar purchase of the auto-hipster photo app Instagram and expansion of it to be a more widely accessible website, the Selfie has broadened from a presentation of oneself in the best light, to a personal expression of the self as a series of meaningful moments and briefly held artifacts.

And although the very funny Text-Only Instagram Twitter account hits the nail right on the head, and the Normalize app magically returns photos to their pre-filtered states,  this outpouring of carefully crafted, public images shows no sign of slowing.

–     –     –

The Photoguide to Portraits, written in 1976, gives in-depth and easy to read guides on how to photograph oneself and the people in the world around you. This ancient text surely holds secret wisdom that may bolster the craft of self-portraiture in the digital age.

Available in store for the navel gazing price of $4

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