Lost Hemingway Short Story Found


The Shot, a short story written in Hemingway’s later life and published in True Magazine in April 1951, was all but lost to history. That is until a determined teacher, after an exhaustive search, found it on eBay.

He has transcribed the text and made it available free on his blog.

Another blogger discusses the short story in a critical essay on the popular belief that Hemingway and Fidel Castro were friends.

The Hemingway story “The Shot[51],” as pointed out previously by others,[52] has hallmark descriptions of killings attributed to Fidel Castro.This short story seems to be amalgamation of several of these killings certainly including that of Manuel (Manolo) Castro del Campo, a government official unrelated to Fidel Castro Ruz, and probably that of Oscar Fernández Caral.[53] Fernández Caral, who had proclaimed himself as witness to the Manolo Castro murder was promptly murdered by Castro and his colleagues.[54] [55]


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  1. Pam Burgess

    Love this. downloaded the story. Thanks Hugh

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