Must read for Orwell fans and everyone else

The Orwell Diaries is a blog that posts daily entries from the diaries of George Orwell between the years of 1938 and 1942 in which his political ideas and fears for the future congealed into what would become two of the most influential, entertaining and chilling novels of the past century – Animal Farm and 1984. It also gives a detailed, intimate picture of civilian life during WWII. In Orwell’s private reflections there is insight into then-current world events and surprising, even shocking revelations of his personal beliefs and impressions. And these expressed in the same fluid, economical style of his published novels. The diaries are a portrait of a vigorous and radical mind.

From the 9th of August, 1942:

“Open-air church parade in Regents Park yesterday. How touching the scene ought to be – the battalion in hollow square, band of the Coldstream Guards, the men standing bareheaded (beautiful autumn day, faint mist and not a leaf stirring, dogs gambolling round) and singing the hymns as best they could. But unfortunately there was a sermon with the jingoistic muck which is usual on these occasions and which makes me go pro-German for as long as I listen to it.” [via]


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