Although it has brought hope and comfort to perhaps billions, the institution of the catholic church is not beyond reproach. Aside from the systemic problems that led to recent shocking controversies, the near bimillenial history of the catholic church is marred by errors, failures, greed and oppression, as is generally any human-governed system. However, little attention has been paid to this darker history outside academia. Daniel Goldhagen’s A Moral Reckoning¬†carefully, objectively, and exhaustively examines the role of the catholic church in the holocaust, born of its historical anti-semitism in theology and Christian-State policies.

In Goldhagen’s words:

“For centuries the Catholic Church, this pan-European institution of world-hegemonic aspirations, the central spiritual, moral, and instructional institution of European civilization, harbored anti-semitism at its core, as an integral part of its doctrine, its theology, and its liturgy.”

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